Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three on Thursday

1. With the move coming I've been looking at some new bed options for the kids' rooms.

I'd love something like this for the girls:

Or this for the boys:

The boys really need 2 full beds now that they're teens 'n' all. =) The kids will most likely still be sharing rooms. We just can't afford a home with 6 bedrooms, and an office/scraproom with still enough shared space to feel comfortable. I guess we'll just have to see what's for sale when it's time to buy.

2. Stumbled upon this scrumptious site where you can find lovely modern home decor/furnishings. There is some wonderful inspiration there, like this:

Or like this:

3. I'm thinking I'm going to get some wall decals for my daughters' room like this:
I'll take some photos and let you know what I think after we put them up. =) Can't. Wait.

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mean mom productions said...

I know that a lot of people have gotten a pattern to make their own bunk beds out of the two x fours or was four x fours like the old camp bunks from the old school days. Maybe, you could get some of your family to help you make some. I don't know how expensive it would be.

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