Monday, June 1, 2009

A few happy reminders

Go HERE now!! Write.Click.Scrapbook. launches today. (In case you missed my previous post, read about it here.) Be prepared for major scrappy happiness people. This is big.

When you're done at Write.Click.Scrapbook, go HERE!! It's raffle week at The Scrap Review, and people there are $2,000 worth of prizes being raffled. Let me say that again. People there are $2,000 worth of prizes being raffled this week!! To read more about why we are hosting a raffle, go HERE. To read more about how the raffle works, go HERE. Good luck!


Jamie said...

Hi Aly!

I just wanted to say "hi" to another Alabama scrappy girl. I hopped over to your blog after seeing your profile on the new Write. Click. Scrapbook. site today.

Take Care!
Jamie ~ Alabama

mean mom productions said...


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

oh wow...thanks for the head's up on write click scrapbook...sounds awesome...heading over there now!