Friday, May 8, 2009

To My Mom

My mom is an amazing person. She has overcome a lot in her life and dealt with some tough challenges. She went back to school when I was in high school and changed her career to a life of service helping those who really needed help. She is generous, faithful, intelligent, and compassionate. She always sticks up for the underdog. I am blessed to have her in my life. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Ideas for you:

1. make a tribute layout for your mom as a gift

2. make a card for your mom layering die cuts to create flowers like the layout above

3. photograph a mother's (or grandmother's) special relationship this weekend and make a layout about it

Here's to mothers, grandmothers, and nurturing women everywhere!! Happy Mother's Day!!


Lara Neves said...

I absolutely love this layout, Aly! It's beautiful, just like your mother. I remember meeting her a couple times and she is such a neat lady.

And you are just like her. Happy mother's day!

mean mom productions said...

Yes, this is wonderful aly!! I love it.

Hansonpatch said...

Beautiful layout, and it sounds as though you have followed in her footsteps because you are a great mom as well. Happy mothers day!

Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

What a lovely page, Aly! Happy mother's day!


Jody said...

Such a gorgeous page Aly!!!
Hope your day was great :)