Thursday, January 15, 2009

sad news

stopped by the simple blog today and my heart was broken. i have LOVED this publication since the moment i laid my eyes on it. it embodies everything i believe in and feel about scrapbooking, and showcases my absolute favorite designers out there. it is a top quality publication and employs some supper nice ladies. i have had the pleasure of being published in it and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. best wishes to all affected by this sad news...i'll miss it!


Lara Neves said...

oh NO! That is horribly sad. they've always been my favorite publication and even though I stopped submitting about a year ago, I had been published by them several times and I, too, loved working with them.

Emily Pitts said...

i join you in sadness. this is just sad sad news.

celester said...

i LOVE Simple too. Heartwrenching. definitely puts a huge damper on the excitement of CHA.

Jody said...

Like you, I feel so very sad and
still can not believe it.
And can't stop thinking of...what could have been :(

mean mom productions said...

This is also the same company that stopped the publication of digital scrapbooking magazine as well. They sited that today financial economy was the reason as to its stopping publication. Do not forget ladies that they did say they would be doing a online newsletter instead for digital scrapbooking magazine. Maybe they might do the same for simple scrapbooks.