Saturday, December 15, 2012

crafty christmas countdown: day 10

More Christmas Engravings Cardstock inspiration for you today in the form of layouts. Yes, you can use 6x6 and 5x7 sheets of cardstock for full 12x12 page layouts. Here's what I did:

On the above layout I used two green cardstock sheets (one 5x7, one 6x6) as my background.  Then I cut out come engraved images from other cardstock sheets, layering them with my photo and title to cover the gaps.

Bonus tip:  I used my craft knife to cut out sections of the red Christmas lilies on the top right green background cardstock, and slipped my photo underneath those cut out sections so that part of the lilies extends over my photo.

On the above page I used a very simple neutral colored background and added some cut out engraved images layered behind my photo.

Again, for the above page I kept the background very neutral and added some cut out engraved images surrounding my photo.  The engraved images are great focal points for a page--you don't need to add much more.


JustJules said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I am amazed at your cutting ability! Thanks for sharing these wonderful layouts!
julieschoonoverwfg at

D's Paper Studio said...

wonderful layouts...your photos are awesome as well. Great job.