Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three on Thursday

1. So, I'm an Idol fan. Not as hardcore as I used to be because honestly the whole thing is getting repetitive and old. The judges' comments sound all too familiar, and I'm only wowed by an occasional contestant. But...I do enjoy watching Idol Gives Back every year. I love that they raise money for some great charities. Last night was no exception. Great show. Except for them Black-Eyed Peas. Sorry if I offend, but I just don't get them. At all.

2. I gave the old blog a bit of a makeover. What do you think? (Yes, I realize I'm late hopping on the banner bandwagon, but I just think it's perfect for spring and summer.)

3. I just downloaded this new ebook and can't wait to learn from these fabulous lady photogs. I love their work!

Picture Perfect: 129 expert tips for shooting stellar portraits (by Becky Novacek, Elisha Snow, and Kelly Noel)

P.S. Happy Earth Day!!


Victoria S. said...

Saw your LO on JB soup and love the circle with words all arond
was that a digi element or how did u do it?
vschnorr at zoomtown dot com

Jody said...

LOVE the new blog header, Aly! :)

Angie Lucas said...

I LOVE the new blog design, Aly! And thanks for plugging the new eBook. :-)