Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For Grandma & Grandpa

Both sets of grandparents are far away, so here's a little video of Faith just for them! (Scroll down and click on the pause button on my playlist on the right sidebar to turn off the music so you can hear the video.)


Hansonpatch said...

I'm not the grandparent and that brought a huge smile to my day! I am guessing that their hearts are going to melt when they see how absolutley georgeous Faith is. It is great you are keeping them so close through videos and updates even when they are serving so far away.

Anonymous said...

Faith is so adorable! i've been out of the loop lately, but i'm glad to hear she arrived healthy and happy and that you are doing so well. xoxo

Jody said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my Thanksgiving-ed out face.
She is adorable! :D

mihill said...

Faith is beautiful! We are so happy for you and your family. Remember you are always welcome whenever you venture up to MI. We'd love to see you.