Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look what I made (summer project #4)

I'm really not an experienced/skilled seamstress. I've made a few simple curtains and throw pillows over the years. Even a few simple Halloween costumes, but I hardly ever break out my sewing machine. Call it nesting, summer boredom, inspiration, whatever, but I caught the "homemade/homespun" bug this summer and decided to bust out my much-neglected Brother.

I needed a new purse/diaper bag combo for when the baby comes so I decided to make one. (I think Derek thought I was going hormone-ily nuts!) I found some cute quilted fabric at Hancock's, bought some matching bias tape, found a cute simple pattern online, and went to work. It took me much longer than I anticipated since I haven't really worked with quilted fabric much, and I ran into a few snags, but here are my projects in all their imperfect glory...just don't look too closely. =)

diaper bag with key, cell phone, and bottle pockets inside + matching changing pad

matching handbags for my girls


Amanda said...

Super cute design and I am loving that fabric!

mean mom productions said...

Okay,maybe you can sew me a new wallet while you are at. YOu did great!