Friday, October 31, 2014

easy last minute halloween costumes

Yep. I'm one of those moms. I really tried not to be this year, but life just got busy. So there I was in line at Joann yesterday with a plain tee shirt in one hand and a roll of iron-on transfer in the other; my Cricut Expression 2 waiting for me at home, and a pretty cool plan in my head.

My teen age daughters are at that age where they still wants to participate in Halloween activities in some way, but they've kind of outgrown the full-on dress up thing. So we browsed Pinterest and other such online resources and found something they were happy with.

Presenting the cool tee-shirt costume! The ones we saw had been hand written with a sharpie by a guy with a beer in one hand. Yeah. I knew we could do better than that. =)

I knew my Cricut would be involved, but the question was should I use fabric with Heat N Bond, or Iron-On Transfer? I went with the transfer thinking it would cut down on an extra step. Here's what I did:

1) Buy a plain shirt. Wash and iron.

2) Design your text on your Cricut screen or in Cricut Craft Room using a sans serif font in black, grey, dark blue, or white letters depending on your shirt color.
3) Be sure to flip your design horizontally (mirror image) before cutting. Cut a piece of transfer the size of your design and place it on your mat, film side down.
4) Once your Cricut is done cutting, peel away the unwanted transfer so that just the letters are left on the film.

5) Warm up the shirt with a hot iron for 10 seconds, then place the film with the letters (film side up) on the shirt where desired.
6) Cover the design with a thin clean dish towel or pillow case and iron for 30 seconds.
7) Flip the shirt over and iron the back of it (over the design) for 30 seconds.
8) Allow to cool and then peel away the film. If any part of the letters aren't secured entirely, go back over them with the iron and dish towel.

Be sure to follow the care instructions from the iron-on transfer packaging for washing. And enjoy your Halloween with all the extra time you'll have now that your costumes are ready!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

scrapbook halloween traditions

Holiday traditions are part of what makes the holidays so fun for me. I love some of the traditions we've adopted as a family over the years, and those family traditions are a great thing to document on a scrapbook page. 

I've been sharing Halloween scrapbooking tips on the We R Memory Keepers blog all week, so here's Halloween scrapbooking tip #3: record your family Halloween traditions. Take a look at this layout I created below about one of our oldest and most favorite spooky family traditions.

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall

Making tissue ghosts is something we've done as a family since my 17 year old twins were toddlers. And they still ask if we're going to make them! It's a bit silly, but something we totally love to do as a family--probably more for the sentimental value than anything.

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall_close 1

There are a few ways I was able to save time on this page. To read more about that, and for a full supply list for this layout visit the We R blog HERE.

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall_close 2

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

halloween costumes mini album

I love to look back at photos from over the years and see how much my kids have grown, as well as which things have stayed the same. So, I thought to myself, Why not do the same thing with Halloween photos of the kids over the years? And here is your Halloween scrapbooking tip #2: scrapbook a child's Halloween costumes over the years. I decided to start with my five year old daughter, find all the Halloween costume photos I'd taken since she was a wee baby, and then I made this fun little mini book comparing all those years of her costumes.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall

My album covers are 6x6 pieces of chipboard, and I decided to use the Bewitched collection from last year since the collection has a more youthful feel and colors that coordinate better with my daughter's costumes (read pastels).

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 1

The pages inside the album consist of some 4x6 Bewitched Journaling Cards, a 4x6 envelope I made with my Envelope Punch Board, and a 5x7 mini file folder that I also made with my Envelope Punch Board. You can find instructions for making mini file folders with your Envelope Punch Board on THIS POST on the We R Memory Keepers blog. There is additional journaling on a card inside the envelope, and I tuck the envelope flap behind the card on the outside to secure it.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 2a

Here are a few more photos of the inside pages.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 3

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 4

The mini file folder is a fun element that, along with the envelope, adds an eclectic feel with different size pages and additional layering. To see the rest of the inside pages, and to read more details about the album visit the We R Memory Keepers blog HERE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

scrapbooking halloween transformations

It's countdown time! Only five more days until Halloween, so this week I'm sharing some unique ideas for scrapbooking your spooky celebrations and traditions on the We R Memory Keepers blog. First off is a fun layout about one of our family's favorite traditions--pumpkins. And here is your Halloween scrapbooking tip #1: document the Halloween transformations you see around you. I'm a sucker for transformation pages. I love to see the "before" and "after"--very cool! So on this page I decided to place a photo of the pumpkins my daughters chose at the pumpkin patch while still on the vine next to a photo of their fully carved and lit jack-o-lanterns sitting out on our front porch.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall
Full instructions and supplies for this layout are found on the We R blog HERE.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall_title

I created my hand stitched title by first writing it in pencil lightly on the paper. Then I took my Sew Easy Needle and poked stitching holes following my writing with my Sew Easy Mat underneath the paper. Then I back-stitched the title with my needle and black Sew Easy Floss, adding some Enamel Shapes and sequins to dress up the title a bit.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall_embellishments

I finished off my page by adding some additional layers, texture and depth with machine stitching, washi tape, die cut stars, and sequins.

There are many more Halloween transformations you could document--your home before and after decorating it, making a costume, doing Halloween makeup, making Halloween goodies or party favors, your child/grandchild filling his bucket with trick-or-treat candy, etc. Which transformation could you scrapbook this week?

Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY halloween party activities

I love using my scrapbook stash for other things. It makes me feel a little more justified having a room full of crafty stuff. =) Here are a couple of fun Halloween party activities that I created for the We R Memory Keepers blog using my stash of Halloween dies and some other handy We R Memory Keepers tools.

Bat Favor Boxes

For easy and festive party favor containers, try creating paper gift boxes like I did with my Gift Box Punch Board, and then replacing the ribbon with washi tape, and the bow with a die cut bat.

You can fill these spooky boxes with whatever you'd like to share with your Halloween party guests--candy, baked goods, dollar store toys, snacks, etc. For full instructions and supplies, visit the We R Memory Keepers blog HERE.

DIY Halloween Memory Game

Dig into your stash of Halloween themed dies to create a set of memory cards for your child's class or neighborhood party, or just for the kids or grandkids to have something fun to keep them busy this time of year.

I used my handy 3x4 Card Punch to make quick work of the cards, and then die cut several matching spooky shapes and adhered them to the cards with double sided tape. You could also use pre-made die cuts or shapes instead. Then I laminated the cards so they last longer.

My 5 year old love to play with these. They'll keep her and her friends busy for hours over the next few weeks. Since I used up my stash for this project the only cost was $1 to get the cards laminated. Can't beat that! For full instructions and supplies for this project, visit the We R blog HERE.

Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY halloween party decor

Hosting a Halloween Party? Need some easy DIY party ideas? Check out the Halloween Party Garland and Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers I created for the We R Memory Keepers blog last week.

Halloween Party Garland

Here's something you can make with your paper stash using your favorite Halloween papers, your Evolution, and some handy Lifestyle Crafts Dies.

Halloween Party Garland by Aly Dosdall

I started by selecting some generic patterned papers from my stash in my current favorite Halloween color scheme--black, grey, yellow, and white.  While using Halloween themed papers for Halloween crafting is fun, you can also save yourself some time and money by shopping your stash of generic patterned paper within the Halloween color scheme you've selected.

Then I die cut some standard shapes such as circles and stars. They're a great foundation for crafts of any theme. By simply using papers with a Halloween color scheme and adding one Halloween-themed shape (the spider die), I was able to create a Halloween feel to the project.

Halloween Party Garland by Aly Dosdall_close

Halloween Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

Check out the Halloween Cupcake Liners and vintage-inspired Halloween Cupcake Toppers I created.

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers by Aly Dosdall
I used the Ring Cupcake Liner, my Evolution, and some Shine patterned paper to die cut a liner for my black chocolate cupcakes. I love the yellow and black combination for Halloween!

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers by Aly Dosdall

Then I made some vintage-inspired cupcake toppers using some more Shine papers, my Evolution, and the Banner It Kit. To embellish my toppers I stamped an owl image from the Black Widow If You Dare Clear Stamp Set with pumpkin orange die ink. Then I fussy-cut the owl images and added them to my toppers.

Halloween Cupcake Toppers by Aly Dosdall

These toppers would work great for older party guests--I love that vintage owl image and the simple, understated, yet spooky feel!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

throwback thursday: from the backseat

For today's Throwback Thursday I'm sharing a layout I created back in 2009 about a funny conversation I heard my girls having from the backseat while I was driving. This layout was published in the March/April 2010 issue of Scrapbook, Etc. magazine (RIP) and is an oldie but goodie.

This was back in my 8 1/2 x 11 days digital/hybrid days. I printed the journaling boxes and black flower stamp on the kraft background before adding my paper, photos, and embellishments. Then I printed the journaling strips using reverse printing (creating a black-filled text box and changing the font color to white, then printing on white paper). The papers are from a Canadian-based company that is sadly no longer in business--Black River Designs.

Can't believe how much more grown up my girls are now...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

craft room clean out 2014: part 1

If you've taken my Organizing FUNdamentals workshop at Big Picture Classes then you know my craft room history. I started scrapbooking 17 years ago as a poor married college student on a very tight budget. My wonderful husband was in school getting his PhD for several years after we were married so the first 3/4 of our marriage we continued to live on a very tight budget. My craft room started as a rolling cart that I picked up for a couple dollars at a yard sale in Arizona, and grew over the years in the same manner--yard sale piece by yard sale piece. So it's a total hodge podge of not-entirely-matching shelves and surfaces.

These photos are from a few years ago. Now there are two more shelving units against the wall and another table at the end of my corner unit. Plus a wall mounted shelf above my work space. This has worked out fine for me, and I feel very blessed to have what I do. However, we are now at a point where I feel comfortable starting to replace some items bit by bit. Here's are some photos of my craft room right now--today. Keepin' it real peeps. =)

Yep, you've got it! I decided to start by replacing my shelving units which are not scrapbook paper friendly (read not 12" high or deep). Last weekend my hubby and I drove 30 minutes south of here to our local Ikea and bought a new Kallax shelf. Squeal! I figure I can fit everything in my Kallax shelving unit or on my wall mounted shelf (which is empty now that I got rid of most of my Anna Griffin supplies).

Ideally, I'd love to get all of my personal supplies (ie ones that aren't for design teams) out of my closet and onto my new shelving unit so I have more room for scrapbook albums in there. We'll see how that goes!

First order of business...DUMP AND PURGE! I'll pull out all of the supplies on my shelves one by one and purge the stuff I don't need or use. my blog over the next few weeks. I may be offering some stash grabs again.

I'll keep you updated on my progress and how things turn out. Now I'm off to bury myself in my craft room! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

spooky inspiration: part 2

Today I've got a couple more Halloween lovelies to share with you that I created for the We R Memory Keepers blog. This time of year is so fun--I love decorating for Halloween! Check it out...

Spider Specimen Art

Spiders are super creepy and perfect for Halloween decor, so I used the Spider Shape Die to create this spooky Spider Specimen Art. I get the chills just looking at this thing.

I backed the background paper with cork board and stuck dressmakers pins into the spiders for extra dimension and creepiness.

For full instructions and supplies for this project, visit the We R blog HERE.

Black Widow Door Hanger

Every now and then I pull out some older collections from my stash and make a project. Not only does is help keep my stash under control, but it's so fun to refresh my crafty memory and play with my old favorites again. Here's a festive door hanger I made with the old Black Widow collection.

For full instructions and supplies for this project, visit the We R blog HERE.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these Halloween project ideas. Are you doing any Halloween crafting? Please share if you are. =) Crafty cheers!

Monday, October 20, 2014

spooky inspiration: part 1

This week on the We R blog I shared lots of Halloween project ideas. I thought I would do a little round up of some of them. Sound good? Okay, here goes.

DIY Bat Decor

I've seen this one all over Pinterest, magazines, and even my friend's house. Couldn't wait to try it myself. My kids love it, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Our living room is officially spooky now!

For full instructions and supplies, visit the We R blog HERE.

Halloween Layout and Card

I love finding additional uses for my crafting tools. I used the Polka Dot Cut Outs Die to create a cool design on my layout, and then used the leftover circles as confetti for a card. You can't beat getting more bang for your buck!

Do these projects inspire you? I've got more Halloween project inspiration for you tomorrow, so be sure to check back.