Wednesday, April 1, 2015

easter recipe round up

One of the things I love most about holidays is the food! (The scale in my bathroom can attest to that.) It's a fun way to celebrate and create lasting family traditions. My kids love to make holiday treats, and they love to help cook big holiday meals. We've made a lot of good holiday memories in the kitchen.

Seeing as Easter's coming up this week, I thought I would share some yummy holiday recipes that you might enjoy making for your celebration this Sunday.

Check out these Croissant Carrots filled with egg salad from Hungry Happenings. Not only do these look adorable, but they sound delicious. Perfect for Easter brunch!

Coke-Glazed Ham?? Get. Out. We're totally trying this! (You rock, South Your Mouth!)

We love deviled eggs at our house, but these Dyed Deviled Eggs by Foodjimoto are genius! What a quick and easy way to make a big impact with a simple recipe. Love it.

I'll wrap this up with a few fun food crafts you can do with the kiddos. Love these Easter Marshmallow Pops from My Sister's Suitcase. So fun!

Some of you may know about my not-so-secret addiction to Cadbury Mini Eggs. Of course I had to include this Chocolate Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies recipe from Cupcake Diaries. Oh. My. Goodness.

I know I"ll be trying a few of these this year, how about you? Total Easter yumminess! Yep. There goes my diet...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

folded easter egg decor

Clearly I was inspired by all the 3D paper eggs I pinned to my Pinterest board, because today I'm up on the We R Memory Keepers blog sharing a Folded Easter Egg Frame. Love me some folded shapes right now!

CLICK HERE to view the full post with instructions and supplies. You may also be interested in some other 3D folded shape projects I've created in the past.

3D Pumpkin Centerpiece

3D Christmas Tree Set

Folded Leaf Garland

Accordion Folded Hearts

Monday, March 30, 2015

wrmk easter week

If you're looking for ideas for Easter papercraft projects, be sure to visit the We R Memory Keepers blog this week and take advantage of our Easter week feature. You'll get ideas for packaging, baskets, decor and more. The amazing Kathy Martin kicks things off for us with this beautiful gift box and bow.

Don't miss out on seeing our brand new design team's first run of projects--they'll knock your Easter bonnets off. (Yeah, that was corny but I couldn't help myself.)

Friday, March 27, 2015

how does your scrapbook grow?

I love this hobby. I truly do. I feel so passionate about documenting stories, and people, and lives; about passing on traditions and values; and knowing who we are and where we came from. I also LOVE being creative and making beautiful things.

Along with the joys of this hobby come some struggles. Living life always comes first, and sometimes recording that life has to be put on the backburner. It can be a challenge to balance things and make time for the storytelling and the creativity.

Enter Document 2015. When I set out to create this class over at Big Picture Classes I wanted to give scrapbookers an easy way to set and keep the goal of consistently taking time to document life each month. Each monthly class provides students with everything they need to create a layout per month.

You can follow the example layout and create a month-in-review layout, or you can use the example, the sketch, instructions, and video to create your own multi-photo layout about any subject you choose. Either way, you've got all the tools you need, the motivation, and the support to create a layout each month and grow your scrapbook in 2015.

If you haven't already, come on over to the beautiful new Big Picture Classes website and check out my Document 2015 series of classes. Make a goal this year to take the time on a regular basis to fill up your scrapbook one page at a time. Learn some fun techniques, have fun, join the community, and get your photos into your albums. Creative cheers!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

washi tape banners

Banners have been super popular among paper crafters for some time now. I'm a big fan--I love the fun celebratory feel of them and they're great for layouts, cards, and decor projects. Since they've been around for a while, it's fun to try and give them a unique spin. That's what I decided to do for this scrapbook page I created for my Celebrating Everyday Moments: Playful Scrapbook Layouts class over at Craftsy.

Rather than make my banner out of patterned paper alone, I interspersed some fun banner flags made with washi tape. The washi tape adds more texture, depth, and interest to the banner.

It was easy to create this washi tape banner by tearing off lengths of tape and folding them over my twine. Then I trimmed the uneven edges of the washi tape so they were straight, and then cut a "v" shape into each one.

I placed my three-tiered banner on a scrapbook page, but you can add washi tape banners to cards or other paper craft projects. They're a great way to add some punch to your paper creations!

This is just one of several unique and playful techniques I share in my Playful Scrapbook Layouts class at Craftsy. If you'd like to learn more fun scrapbooking tips and tricks, CLICK HERE to visit the Craftsy website, get more details, and receive $5 off! Woot woot!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

easter craft pinterest finds

Spring always puts me in the mood for crafting! I love the happy colors in the paper collections, and the fun celebratory feel of the season. Pinterest is my favorite place to keep track of creative ideas. With the upcoming Easter holiday, here are a few fun paper craft Pinterest finds. Enjoy!

3D Paper Eggs

I found a few different versions of these cuties. Love them all. I may be creating a project using these soon. Stay tuned. =)

:: image source ::
:: image source ::

:: image source ::

Book Page Eggs

You can find wooden or clay eggs at the craft store, decoupage them with book pages, ink or mist them, and then apply crackle (if desired). These are pretty and would look great in a tray, platter, or basket on a mantel or consol.
:: image source ::
Spring Paper Banner

What a pretty spring display. I love the paper flowers and the pinwheels--so springy! (Is that a word?)

:: image source ::
Washi Tape Bunnies

You could use these washi tape bunnies on any project--layouts, cards, frames, banners, etc. You could also make any Easter or spring shape the same way. Fun!

:: image source ::
Well I don't know about you, but the crafty wheels in my head are turning away! Hope you feel inspired to make some fun Easter crafts. Stay tuned--next week I'll share some fun Easter recipes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

being a memory maker & a memory keeper

As scrapbookers we have had a lot of practice over the years at memory keeping. We've read up on and honed our photography skills. We know how to get great catch lights in a portrait; we can edit and crop our photos; we've picked up great journaling techniques, and we keep track of dates. We can tell a story.

While we're busy recording our stories, I often wonder how much of the memory making are we missing out on? How often do we put down the camera, or the notebook, and participate in making the awesome memories we are documenting? It's something I've thought a lot about recently. It's something I'm trying to change.

Here are a few tips for balancing the memory keeping with the memory making.

1) Plan to shoot some photos before or after the big event. I always have my kids dress up in their Halloween costumes before Halloween. It's a good way to do a "trial run" and make sure the costume has come together just right, plus you can pick the setting and lighting for the photos. There's no pressure to get anywhere and no candy to dirty-up the costumes.

This photo was taken a few days before Halloween. We were out of town for Halloween itself (we did go trick-or-treating though) and it was such a relief not to have to worry about taking photos that day. I was able to enjoy the festivities just as much as the rest of my family did. You can do the same thing for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, concerts, recitals, etc.

2) Take photos of things. Sometimes it's hard to get good candid shots during an event or occasion. You have little or no control over the lighting and setting. Instead of stressing about capturing "perfect" photos of the people at an event, take a few shots of things that represent that event. Often it's easier to set up good shots of things. For Easter I tried to take some fun "egg dying" shots of my kids, but then I realized I was missing out on the dying! (Plus the lighting wasn't great.) I put down the camera and after we had finished dying the eggs I took some shots of them while they were drying. I was able to arrange them in front of a window with good lighting to get a good shot. While this photo doesn't include my kiddos, it still reminds me of the fun time we had that day, and how my kids tried all kinds of funky new dying "techniques".

3) Hand the camera over to someone else. My only request for Mother's Day last year was to have my husband take some photos of me with my kids. I set up the shot, adjusted the settings for him, and then handed him the camera and told him to take a ton of photos. I'm SO glad I did! These memories are priceless for me and my kids.

These are all the photos that were taken that day. The rest of the day I enjoyed spending time with my sweet family. It was awesome. Make sure to hand the camera over to someone else sometimes so you can be in your scrapbook albums along side your loved ones.

As you strive to balance your memory making and memory keeping, please share the things you have learned with us in the comments below. I know I'd love to learn some more tips about how to strike this balance!

Monday, March 23, 2015

dino-mite card

As a mother of twin boys I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see all the adorable masculine collections that Echo Park Paper debuted at CHA last month. The Dinosaur Adventure Mini-Theme is no exception! What little boy is not obsessed at some point in his life with dinosaurs? This collection is perfect for any crafter that has boys in her life.

To create this card I trimmed a 5 ½” x 4 ¼” piece of dinosaur footprint paper for my card background. I adhered it to a plain white cardstock card that opens at the bottom. Then, I created some layers by trimming a 5” x 3 ¾” piece of brown polka paper, and a 4 ¾” x 3 ½” piece of orange striped paper.

I wanted to include some paper weaving in my card border so I pulled out my metal ruler and craft knife. I created ½” vertical weaving slits in my card layers alternating every ¾” and ¼” along the bottom, using my metal ruler to keep my craft knife moving in a straight line. Be sure to press hard enough to cut through both card layers.

Then I trimmed a 3/8” x 5 ½” border and weaved in through the slits in the card layers. I trimmed the ends of the border into banners by cutting a “v” shape in each one. In order to accommodate the bulk on the back of the card layers that the weaving caused, I added foam squares to the back before adhering them to my card background.

I added a border sticker, a sentiment sticker, and some darling dino stickers. Most I adhered with foam squares to add dimension to the card.

I also included some enamel dots and twine to finish off my design. This card will be perfect for the birthday party of my 5 year old daughter’s little friend!

Friday, March 20, 2015

mosaic-style baby layout

A mosaic-style design is a quick and easy way to put together an engaging layout and use up some of your embellishment stash at the same time. For this page I only used the upper 2/3 of the layout, framing it with a top and bottom border. Then I filled in the space between the borders with my photo, die cuts, and embellishments.

I used papers, embellishments, and dies from the New Addition: Bundle of Joy Girl collection by Echo Park Paper. There are plenty of fun embellishments and dies that coordinate, so it was the perfect design to use for this collection.

For a FREE printable pdf with full instructions and a supply list, visit the Echo Park Paper website HERE. Creative cheers!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

field trip to american crafts

Last Friday was a super exciting and fun day for me. I had the pleasure of spending most of the day at American Crafts headquarters meeting some wonderful people, catching up with some I've already met, and filming some awesome tutorial videos for the We R Memory Keepers YouTube Channel.

AC headquarters is about an hour drive from my house and probably not the best place for my very energetic 5 year old daughter who's not in school yet, so I dropped her off at my parents house on the way down (which is conveniently located about halfway between my house and headquarters) and headed off on my fun field trip.

(Don't car wasn't not in motion when I took this photo!) Since we were filming two videos I brought a change of clothes, some cupcakes (for one of the projects which you'll see soon), some of my favorite We R tools, and my We R Crafter's Shoulder Bag. Can't go anywhere crafty without that thing! It's the perfect on-the-go storage option. Seriously.

When I arrived I met up with some We R people I had already met, I met some new AC friends, and then we went down to the studio to get ready for filming. Doesn't it look awesome! Jessica did an amazing job of dressing the set.

I walked in the studio door and sitting right there in front of me with the videographer was...Heidi Swapp. Yes, the Heidi Swapp. We were introduced, and she was super nice and adorable. (And I was a bit star-struck, I'll admit it.) I thought about asking her if I could take a photo with her, and then I thought she'd think that was a little weird and stalker-ish. And then I thought I should just play it cool, and not be a silly star-struck little girl. And then after she left I thought, I really should have asked her to take a photo. Dumb. Anyway...hopefully we'll meet again next time I film some video. =)

We finished our videos, and then I hopped down the freeway an exit and stocked up on some essentials at the AC warehouse sale. Talk about a dream shopping trip! Aisle after aisle looked like this one...

That's a dangerous place, I tell ya! I do have some great product for future projects and blog posts now, so keep checking back. After shopping I went and picked up my sweet girl (who had apparently had so much fun with her grandparents she didn't want to come home) and we headed over to Ikea for another impromptu shopping trip.

We had way too much fun browsing the store displays, we picked up some fun home decor pieces, and then we headed home. The weather was warm and sunny so I took the top down on the GT. And she colored while I drove.

It was a great day, and I'm really happy with what we accomplished in the studio. I can't wait to see what the awesome videographer, Mike, does with our shoot! I'll link you up as soon as the video tutorials are finished and uploaded to YouTube.